Welcome to my new web page. It has taken several years to get this far and I hope you find it interesting and enlightening. There are a few chants, actually a couple of hundred rare chants, as well as some popular chants that appear in many sources. Some of the popular chants to many of us may in fact be new chants to our smaller parish churches and even those who struggle to keep psalm-singing going. I thought it would be interesting to produce the chants using scans from the original sources.

I like to think of this Archive as the People’s Archive; the chants written by the people, from sources given to me, by the people.

This is not the site for looking for 17300 chants because of all the copyright implications and the fact that I am still working on the archive. It would be too complicated to distribute all the chants from the archive. My future plan is for all cathedrals, colleges and universities to get a copy of the archive to use for reference purposes.

It would be rather nice if, when I am having a cup of tea with James Turle, Sir Joseph Barnby et. al. to feel that I have achieved a little something to keep this wonderful part of our heritage going.



2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hello. So very glad to have stumbled upon your site. I am writing on behalf of Christ’s Church Cathedral, Hamilton, Ontario. How does one place an order for a copy of the archive?

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